Have you ever thought that you don’t have any ideas to develop work from?

Do you find it difficult to know where or how to begin to find and develop your own style?

Do you want to expand your own personal language in mark-making and expression?

Do you want to go beyond being inspired by other artists but think everything has been done before?

Do you want to develop your own unique style and create art that you are deeply connected with?

Do you have the skills to create art, but it no longer excites you?

Then Unearth, Gather, Create is for you.

Many people dream...

of going to art college or attending art classes but it is not always possible. We might lead busy lives, or not have a class near us, or find the idea of creating in a group of people intimidating, or we might must prefer to work around the time we have in our own space.You might have the skills to create art but struggle with ideas and what to paint – you know you could be deeply inspired but there are just so many options out there! I know that feeling and I have worked hard in my own practice to give priority to the ideas and let the techniques suit the story I am trying to tell.

There is so much to learn, so much to experience, and so much to say as a creative individual – and we can all do it!

We just need to open our hearts, dig deep and embrace the challenge.

Unearth, Gather, Create is about finding a story through your art. This course was developed to enable you to make choices – choices about materials, style, aesthetic, themes, subject matter, and how you create art overall. It is about digging deep and creating art that is meaningful to you.

I don’t want you to paint or draw like me – I want you to draw and paint like you!

"I have been taking classes for the last year or so pretty regularly. Gillian’s class is totally different. I feel like I am in art school! The first week was more info then a lot of month long classes. Gillian comments on every piece shown on the page and is there daily encouraging and prompting us. I would recommend it to everyone."

Sandy Belt



Drawing and painting video demonstrations will expand your range of mark-making skill and understanding of line, tone, colour, composition, anatomy, and portraiture.

Exercises focus on ‘loosening up’ and being braver in the way you draw and paint.

Drawing and painting exercises will help you bring depth and atmosphere to your work.

Exciting and unexpected exercises will encourage your curiosity and desire to think outside the box in terms of your own artistic ability.

Prompts, ideas, and inspirations will enable you to discover your own unique story, which will in turn give you a wealth of ideas for creating narrative art.

Through a wealth of suggestions and inspiration, you will feel encouraged to make art a daily practice.

You will gain insight into my practice of unearthing the things I love, gathering the things that inspire me and creating art with emotion and atmosphere.

I believe that we each have our own unique story to tell.

I would love to work alongside you, helping you discover how to create art that represents your own unique character, personal narrative, and imagination. In this course, I teach a wealth of art techniques that will enable you to draw and paint in your own unique style and create a personal language through creating art.

In creating art that expresses your own particular nature, it is just as important to think about 'what' to paint as it is to learn 'how' to paint. If you unearth what is inside, gather what you know, and use your own unique imagination, you can bring a richness and depth to your work that goes beyond a simple image. Your art becomes something more, it has resonance with your own spirit and connects you with others.

"I can't say enough about this course. I think it was the most fulfilling course I've ever taken."

Alyse Sanders



Just a word of reassurance regarding purchasing art materials. Whilst it is lovely to have ‘everything’, beautiful art can be created with just a pencil and paper. The Material List for this course is just a suggestion. You may have paint media that you prefer over acrylics – say gouache, watercolour, or oils. The primary purpose of this class is to generate IDEAS and a story through your work. So if you already have materials (even ones not on the list), go with those.

Watch the videos and see what appeals to you before purchasing materials that you may never need. Remember you have access to the class forever (as long as I can maintain the site), so things can be purchased as you go along.