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Drawn to Expression

Every mark tells a story. Every line is an expression, an unearthing of you as an artist. A whisper or a shout - the language of drawing. As unique as your way of communicating - dialect, accent, intonation, phrasing...a whisper, a statement, or a shout.

There is so much to learn, so much to experience, and so much to say as a creative individual – and we can all do it! We just need to open our hearts, dig deep, and embrace the challenge.

Drawing is a physical act - your touch, your connection, heart to hand to paper. Drawn to Expression is about drawing, making a mark…and then making another…and then another. It is about getting to the table, or the easel and staying there because we don’t want to be anywhere else.

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Portraits - Your Art, Your Way

What are you seeking to express when you create portraits? A deeper understanding of form? Expression and emotion? Exploring narrative? Connection? There are endless possibilities! In this course, I hope you explore all of the above and more in order to create portraits that express all that is inside of YOU:

Your Art, Your Way.

I am so excited to share this ecourse that focuses on the elements that I feel are most important to creating unique and expressive portraits.

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